Thursday, August 13, 2009

.: Me & My Rollerballs

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I've always had a thing for pens. A few years back I fell in love with ACME rollerballs. The BEST DAMN writing instrument I've ever used... I quit collecting them last year after receiving three pens (one from each of my youngins' & one from my girlfriend). These three pens gave me a total of 31 ACMEs, one for every day of the month, so I had to quit buying them. I mean enough IS enough.

I always carry two pens, an ACME and a throwaway TUL. If someone needs to borrow a pen, they get the TUL. I don't loan out my babies! Until... yesterday while helping two clubhouse members fill out some paperwork for Social Security I handed over my ACME to Billy when he ran out of ink while he was finishing up and I was just getting started with Lamont. Then the damn phone rings and I need to check a file. On the way back I get caught in the hallway and don't get back to my office for ten minutes. When I get back Billy is gone AND SO IS MY ZORBLE FIVE!

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So I RUN down to the clubhouse only to discover Billy had signed out for a medical appointment. I RUN over to the Med Room to find out where his appointment is. RUN to my car and head to the right bus-stop only to see it pulling away. I catch up to and pass the bus, pull up to the next bus stop and wait... I got on the bus and YOU BETTER BELIEVE I got MY DAMN PEN BACK!

Don't boost my rollerball, because I WILL hunt you down!
Driving back to work I thought about what had just transpired and realized that I may have a little problem. I wonder if there are support groups for people like me?

Hi, I'm John ...
I'm an ACMEholic

1) Frank Lloyd Wright "Robie House"
2) Frank Lloyd Wright "Playhouse"
3) Marty Kenney "Zorble Five"
4) Rod Dyer "Jazz"
5) Antoni Gaudi "Mosaic"
6) Jerry Leibowitz "Writing"